Aristarchus & surroundings - mounted 6"X4" (approx.) fine-art print

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Aristarchus & surroundings - mounted 6"X4" (approx.) fine-art print


This print is based on a pastel pencil sketch made at the eyepiece by Will on the night of 9th January 2017. It shows the famous lunar crater Aristarchus (at bottom left) with its bright inner walls as well as the intriguing winding feature known as Vallis Schröteri (probably a collapsed lava tube). The crater to the bottom right of Aristarchus is called Herodotus. The mountains to the north are just catching the morning sun, casting their shadows towards the lunar terminator. The view is horizontally flipped compared to the naked-eye view of the Moon.

What you'll get: a high-quality 6"x4"* giclée print on 300gsm fine-art paper presented within an attractive black card mount measuring 10"x8".


Print: Approximately 6"x4".
*Please note that this is a smaller-sized print than the unmounted version also offered in the store. Also please note that, as a result of the mounting process, the amount of the print visible within the aperture of the card mount will be slightly less than 6"x4".
Surrounding card mount: 10"x8". 


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