Welcome to the new online store at Will Gater Astrophotography

Thanks for stopping by my new online shop. Here you'll currently find for sale fine-art prints of some of my lunar sketches. In the future I may also include prints of some of my astrophotos - if there's an image of mine that you'd like to see offered here as a print please do let me know.



I've been sketching at the eyepiece ever since I took my first steps in astronomy some twenty years ago. To me the process provides both a fun technical challenge as well as the chance to really relax and absorb the telescopic view and all the features and subtle details on show. My lunar sketches are made at the eyepiece of my 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, and they generally take between two and three hours to complete. I use a regular artist's sketchpad with thick, black, paper along with pastel pencils and various blending tools. If you'd like to see a gallery of my recent sketching work, encompassing a range of celestial subjects including the Moon, please visit this page. And if you choose to purchase a print from below I hope that you enjoy the piece every bit as much as I enjoyed drawing the view at the eyepiece.


The prints available below are created using the giclée process which reproduces the fine details of my original sketches superbly. Each giclée is printed on high-quality 300gsm fine-art rag paper. I have chosen this paper specifically as I believe it retains much of the visual feel of the pastel-pencil drawings. Each order will come suitably packaged but please take care when handling your print, especially making sure not to touch the paper surface and only handling it by the edges. Great effort has been made to accurately reproduce my original artwork through repeated proofing of the high-resolution digital scans, however please note that there may be subtle tonal and colour differences between your print and any scanned sketches or other depictions of my original drawings (or the prints themselves) that you see in this shop or the online gallery.




Where do you deliver to?
At the moment I'm currently only able to ship to UK addresses, though I hope to be able to offer international deliveries in the future.

How much does delivery cost?
There's no extra delivery charge. The price you see listed for each print is the amount you'll pay at the checkout.

Are the prints suitable for framing?
Yes! Very much so. In fact I'd recommend that they be framed to protect the print surface.

How big are the prints?
Details of the size of each print are available on their individual pages. These sizes correspond very closely to the dimensions of my original sketches and so I'm unfortunately unable to offer larger prints than those on sale here.

How can I get into astronomical sketching?
I'd say just pick up a pencil and paper and have a go! You definitely don't need super expensive equipment — a decent 2B graphite pencil and a sheet of A4 is perfectly adequate. When sketching the Moon take your time and concentrate on individual features or small areas of the lunar surface at first. When drawing the planets and deep sky objects at the eyepiece I find it pays to spend time at the beginning of a sketching session just observing and absorbing the view; that way you can get a general feel for what details you can see (especially with transitory moments of good seeing) and the overall arrangement and relative positions of surface/cloud features, stars etc. If you do have a go at astronomical sketching I'd love to see your work - send me a tweet!

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately I'm not able to offer general refunds. However if your order arrives and the print has been damaged during delivery please let me know using the contact form at right.



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